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Holding Company Economic Substance
Bermuda Holding Business: List


Economic Substance Solutions for Bermuda Holding (HoldCo) Businesses

If your Bermuda entity is “in-scope” regarding the newly established Economic Substance (“ES”) Laws and conducts the “Relevant Activity” defined as Holding Business: the business of a pure equity holding company [“pure equity holding company” means a company that only holds equity participations in other entities and only earns dividends and capital gains], then you have a reduced test to complying with the ES Laws.  NOTE: We urge all clients that have independently concluded that they are in the Holding Business to go through a professional evaluation of their business activities as several of our clients were informed by their advisors that they are in-fact classified as another Relevant Activity due to various financial and structural activities that occurred in the entity’s history.


For a True or Pure Holding Business, we can help support your Registered Office with all the data collection, coordination, follow-up, document preparation and guidance required for filing the Economic Substance Notification (“ESN”) with the local regulators.
We charge a one-time de minimis fee to provide this service regardless of which plan is purchased when selecting Holding Business as the Relevant Activity.


Based on our vast experience in the market, we have found that entities generally fit into one of our tiered bespoke plans, scaled to fit any size entity based on relevant annual income:

  • Basic Substance Plan: Ideal for Smaller entities (<$10M)

  • Enhanced Substance Plan: for Medium entities ($10-20M)

  • Premium Substance Plan: for Large entities ($21-50M)

  • Platinum Substance Plan: for Extra-Large entities ($50M+)

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Bermuda Holding Business: List
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