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We are a full service outsourced corporate service provider focused on supporting offshore companies affected by the economic substance (ES) regulations. 

We started this journey when we first learned of the ES regulations originating from the EU and the OECD in the beginning of back in mid 2018.  We were all stunned with how complicated and expensive it would be to meet the substance test for our own offshore companies.  We first launched our turnkey service to to quickly and easily solve the problem for ourselves in both the Cayman Islands and the BVI.   As more and more requests for similar assistance came in, we rapidly  expanded into several other offshore financial centers across the globe.

We now operate out of more than a dozen countries and help hundreds of companies for clients, who hail from all over the world and operate in several different dynamic lines of business such as:

  • banking business

  • Insurance business

  • fund management business

  • finance and leasing business

  • headquarters business

  • shipping business

  • holding company business

  • intellectual property holding business; and

  • distribution and service center business

Although each jurisdiction is slightly different, the test for economic substance essentially has four limbs and requires the following in relation to the conduct of the relevant activity by an offshore company.

  1. Direction, management and control of the relevant activity in the local Jurisdiction;

  2. Having regard to the level of relevant activity: an adequate number of employees who are physically present in the jurisdiction, adequate expenditure incurred in the jurisdiction, and adequate physical assets in the jurisdiction

  3. Conduct of the core income generating activities (CIGA) in the jurisdiction; and

  4. Where its core income generating activities are carried out by another entity, the ability to monitor and control the conduct of that activity by the other entity.

Our company has a turnkey solution that provides all of the above for our clients including filing the end of year report certifying their compliance.

most oft eh employment opportunities in our company will revolve around providing core income generating activities as roughly described below:

Banking Business:

(i) raising funds, managing risk including credit, currency and interest risk; 

(ii) taking hedging positions; 

(iii) providing loans, credit or other financial services to customers; 

(iv) managing capital and preparing reports or returns, or both, to investors or the Local Authority, or both

distribution and service center business

(i) transporting and storing goods, components and materials; 

(ii) managing stocks; 

(iii) taking orders; 

financing and leasing business

(i) negotiating or agreeing funding terms; 

(ii) identifying and acquiring assets to be leased; 

(iii) setting the terms and duration of financing or leasing; 

(iv) monitoring and revising financing or leasing agreements and managing risks associated with such financing or leasing agreements

(iv) providing consulting or other administrative services

fund management business

(i) taking decisions on the holding and selling of investments; 

(ii) calculating risk and reserves; 

(iii) taking decisions on currency or interest fluctuations and hedging


(iv) preparing reports or returns, or both, to investors or the Local Authority, or both

headquarters business

(i) taking relevant management decisions; 

(ii) incurring expenditures on behalf of other Group entities; 

(iii) co-ordinating Group activities

insurance business

(i) predicting or calculating risk or oversight of prediction or calculation of risk; 

(ii) insuring or re-insuring against risk; 

(iii) preparing reports or returns, or both, to investors or the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, or both

intellectual property business

(i) where the intellectual property asset is a - (A) patent or an asset that is similar to a patent, research and development; or (B) non-trade or intangible (including a trademark), branding, marketing and distribution (ii) in exceptional cases, except if the relevant activity is a high risk intellectual property business, other core income generating activities relevant to the business and the intellectual property assets, which may include – (A) taking strategic decisions and managing (as well as bearing) the principal risks related to development and subsequent exploitation of the intangible asset generating income; (B) taking the strategic decisions and managing (as well as bearing) the principal risks relating to acquisition by third parties and subsequent exploitation and protection of the intangible asset; (C) carrying on the underlying trading activities through which the intangible assets are exploited leading to the generation of income from third parties. The Schedule includes sector-specific guidance for “High Risk Intellectual Property (“IP”) Business” and also provides the Authority’s interpretation of “intellectual property asset”.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our team, please click on the button below to see our list of current vacancies and submit your application along with CV online.

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